Data Security

Discover our solutions to PROTECT your data! 

It is a real CHALLENGE today. Never have the threats to our systems and our data been greater, cybercrime has become a reality that no business can afford the luxury of ignoring! And, contrary to what too many executives still think today, everyone is concerned, not just large companies or those that process sensitive data: the attacks are random, target the less well protected and have no goal only ransom blackmail, rarely the theft of strategic data!

We help you implement simple , effective solutions at a cost accessible to VSEs / SMEs and derisory in relation to the risk incurred.  

Sauvegarde de données

Supervised backup  of your data in our own data centers in Europe ( RGPD )


Protects your network from intrusions; an AI architecture connected to anti-crypto protections effectively thwarts malicious attempts


Protect your individual computers and your servers from viruses and "ransonware", in conjunction with your firewalls


Protect your inbox from unsolicited emails (because the primary source of infection is unintentional or distracted human action on an email, in over 90% of cases !